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How to Install Genesis Brick Panels

Step by Step Instructions

1. Install panels level utilizing a J-Channel Strip

Start with a J-Channel Strip at the bottom of the wall to establish and level 1st row.

2. Genesis Panels abut corner starters at outside corners

Use the Corner Starter to establish 1st panel locations on the wall. Start at each end of the wall and work toward the center.

3. 2nd row panel grout line pattern is maintained utilizing a Versa Panel

Start the 2nd Row with a Versa Panel to maintain grout pattern established below and stagger panel seams on alternating rows. The Versa-Panel also controls the required dimension at the Corner Starter to support the L-Brick outside corner installed later.

4. Install brick to fill the voids between panels

Field-applied brick fills the void spaces between panels. L-Brick wrap the Corner Starter to finish the look. Apply Brick Sticker™ adhesive to these bricks to install.

5. Genesis Panels are cut to fit around door casings

Install Door Jamb Mold and Flashing on the sides and top of all doors. Panels are cut to abut the Door Mold and are mortared in place.

6. Genesis Panels are cut to fit around windows

Wrap all windows with wood, Aluminum, or vinyl edging. Panels are cut to abut the edging and are mortared in place.

7. Finish the Genesis Panel wall with an Expansion Joint

Create an Expansion Joint near the center of the wall. Align with an edge of a door or window if possible. Joint also functions as a termination creating the variable needed for the Versa-Panel at outside corners and allows L-Brick to finish properly.

8. Trim Genesis Panels with a Brick Frieze

Trim the top of the wall with a mold as in a Brick Frieze to finish the top of the panels to the soffit above.